Issuing Fictitious Invoice, Tax Office Penalizes IDR246 Bln


JAKARTA – Investigators of Directorate General of Tax today, Thursday (1/26/2017) hands over money laundering suspect Amie Hamid, for tax crime along with confiscated assets to South Jakarta District Attorney for further trial at South Jakarta District Court.

Based on received press release, money laundering criminal act was done from sales results of fictitious tax invoice worth IDR123.41 billion. Of the figure, the suspect gained benefit of IDR49.15 billion.

Assets of the suspect which were allegedly acquired from the result of criminal act have been confiscated with estimated value of IDR26.89 billion; including cash worth IDR441,769,000 which is return from cancellation of an apartment purchase; eight properties including lands and buildings with estimated market value of IDR24.5 billion and nine units of vehicles with a total value of IDR1.9 billion.

The release reported that investigation of money laundering criminal act was developed from investigating criminal act in tax sector in terms of selling invoice which was not based on actual transactions Amie Hamid has performed. For this act, the concerned has been sentenced jail time for two years and penalty of IDR246.83 billion.

Suspected money laundering case over Amie Hamid has a sentence of maximum imprisonment of 20 years and maximum penalty of IDR10 billion.

This is the second money laundering case the Directorate General of Tax managed to develop from tax criminal case. Earlier the Tax Office has completed similar money laundering case over suspect Rinaldus Andry Suseno who now is undergoing trial process at West Jakarta District Court.


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